Dermaplaning facial and Trinny Make up

When I decided I needed a facial my lovely beautician friend suggested Dermaplaning. She’s so good at what she does I trust her suggestions, so although I’m a wimp I said yes.

What is dermaplaning?

It’s a skin care treatment that removes the dead skin cells and the peach like fuzz on your face. It’s done using a small sterile scalpel while holding the skin taut, and is absolutely painless. In fact I found the gentle scraping movements very relaxing.

Removing the fine fuzzy hair can be beneficial as the fine hairs trap debris and oils and give skin a dull look.  After the treatment I saw an instant improvement in skin texture and tone. This treatment is used on all skin types and ages.

My Beautician told me skin care products and treatments perform much more efficiently after this treatment. They can penetrate the skin more easily, makeup goes on smoother too.

Dermaplaning costs average around £45 and will finish with a cooling hyaluronic face mask included.

This leads me on to my next purchase, Trinny London Make-up

I’ve been looking at the Trinny range for a while, I’d matched up my colour on the Match2Me scale but I wasn’t really sure what products I would use.

I don’t love wearing make up so I wanted to keep it simple, I decided to try the BFF cream, it cost £35 and this is what the website says…


The cream is white and goes on clear and flipping heck it’s fab, it must be the light reflection or something. You can wear it on it’s own so you don’t need to buy all of the make-up range. It’s definitely given me a boost of confidence as its so easy to use.

I chose the lightest colour. My hair is grey now although I’ve always been the palest colour on any make up charts. Even in the 80’s when everyone wore Elizabeth Arden Toasty Beige!

I also bought Miracle Blur which has great reviews but I didn’t find it easy to use. It works on the fine lines, wrinkles and pores,  filling them in and blurring them out. You can wear this over the BFF cream, I think I didn’t use it properly, I need to give it another try.

Overall I’d recommend dermaplaning and Trinny make up, both feel really lovely. I’ll be having dermaplaning again and hopefully I will be better at applying the miracle blur by then.