Poppy’s Recipe for Life by Heidi Swain – Book Review

Poppy’s Recipe for Life – published by Simon & Suchuster Uk (30 May2019)

Poppy’s recipe for life invites readers back to Heidi Swain’s Nightingale Square.

Poppy’s dream is to live in Nightingale Square and share in the community garden where they grow and eat the fresh produce. Working for the local grocer, Poppy has already encouraged him to ditch the plastic. And with her home made recipe cards is helping the community to cook fresh.

Poppy’s dream is realised when owner Kate needs a reliable tenant for her cottage in the square. Despite meeting the Mr Grumpy neighbour Poppy feels she has found her happy home.

But will it last… thrown by the arrival of her insecure teenage brother who’s been abandoned by their neglectful selfish mother. This could prove to be the end of Poppy’s simple life.

Can sisterly love and a helping hand offered from Mr Grumpy help turn around a troubled teenager and give Poppy the life she craves.

This is another heartwarming story by Heidi Swain. Very topical with ditching plastic and the desire to eat what you grow. We catch up with characters from Sunshine & Sweetpeas as they come together again in the Square. Heartbreak and the effects of a neglectful parent bond the characters together and turn lives around. Wounds are healing and confidence growing but will they all find their happy ending?

A great summer read.  ☆☆☆☆☆


New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle by Liz Eeles – Book Review

New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle –  Published by Bookouture (12 Mar. 2019) Amazon 

When Callie Fulbright anxiously awaits the new owner of the bookshop where she works she has no idea what opportunities lie ahead.  She’s excited to discover her long dismissed dream of a cafe in the bookshop is to be realised when new owner gives her the go-ahead to revamp the dusty back room into the Cosy Kettle Cafe.

Just when things are looking up, the return of the man who broke her heart sets her emotions spinning. At the same time someone’s trying to ruin the cafe’s reputation. Is there a connection?

We follow Callie as she rediscovers Noah and finds out what really happened before he left.

This is a lovely story about caring Callie and how she welcomes people into the cafe and her life, helping them along the way. Will she welcome Noah back into her life too?

I really enjoyed this book, my first Liz Eeles and I know it won’t be my last. New starts and cherry tarts is a funny romantic story about friends and family, perfect for a spring read. The characters are likeable and Callie has her hands full with her thrill seeking grandfather who brings fun to the book. Definitely one to bring a smile to your face and a tug on the heartstrings.

Highly recommended ✫✫✫✫✫

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Bring me Sunshine by Laura Kemp – Book Review

Bring me Sunshine, a book by Laura Kemp

Bring me sunshine by Laura Kemp

Charlotte Bold, Charlie to her friends, is the traffic reporter at a London radio station. She works in the background and that suits her fine. It wasn’t always like that for Charlie but that’s another story that she’s totally avoiding. When the radio station transfers her to Sunshine FM in Wales she treats it as a temporary step until she can get back to London.

Arriving at the radio station in Mumbles ready to take on the traffic and travel Charlie discovers she’s hired to host the evening show, and she’s not sure she can do it. Thrust into the limelight she must find her voice, but how.

She soon realises she’s not the only one who’s finding things hard, her colleagues, the listeners, there’s a lot of lonely people out there. Can Charlie overcome her fears, leave her old life behind and bring sunshine to the Mumbles.


Another heartwarming story from Laura Kemp. This is a story of friendships and finding out who your friends are, the good from the bad.  Laura has the skill of writing characters whose lives you want to be part of, be friends with. They are  flawed and emotional but loving and caring,  and have issues like the rest of us.

Everyone has a story behind the scenes. I especially love Delme, he steps up to save Charlie’s first broadcast but his crazy gung-ho way of life masks emotional trauma underneath.

Charlie uses her caring friendly ways to bring people together and she really does bring sunshine to the people of Mumbles.

This is definitely another good read from Laura Kemp, highly recommended.

Bring me Sunshine – Orion – 12 March 2019





Sunshine and sweet peas in Nightingale Square – book review

Sunshine and sweet peas in Nightingale Square by Heidi Swain

Publication date 31 May 2018

When Kate’s happy ever after marriage falls apart she ups sticks and buys a cottage far away from her ex, her work and her friends. Kate plans to live alone quietly, putting her efforts into renovating the old cottage and gardens. Hoping the move to a place where no one knows her gives her the solitude she craves.

Little did she know the quaint Nightingale Square, a close knit sharing neighbourhood, are determined to include their new neighbour. Wether she likes it or not.

The cottages have a history connected to the old mansion house across the square. When a developers sign goes up the residents fear their little idyll will be destroyed. They soon discover the buyer is far from what they expected.

From nosey neighbours to handsome men, kids, cats, kittens and an unsolved mystery, Kate ends up in the middle of it all.

A heartwarming story of new beginnings and second chances, even when you don’t believe in them.


Firstly I loved the cover of this book, it’s very much the cheery style that attracts me. This is my first Heidi Swain book and I really enjoyed it. A great mix of characters all going through their own issues while weaving their lives together in the square.

You find yourself caring about Kate as she leaves her thriving business to escape from her cheating husband David. You can understand why she’s devastated and  wants to be alone and away from questions about her marriage but she’s quickly drawn in to the lives of her neighbours. When David suddenly reappears it’s more about him than her and Kate’s emotions are once again on a roller coaster.

All of the characters complicated lives are revealed and you find yourself hoping for Kate to find her real happy ever after.

A great read from an author I’m definitely going to read again.

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Welcome to the real world by Carole Matthews – Book Review

book review, welcome to the real world by carole matthews

The sun is shining on my favourite seat, a place I love to sit with a book. So I found my kindle and quickly looked through my recommended reads and wow, I found a treat.

Life, dreams, unrequited love and family drama make this book a great read. Drawing me in and wanting to know what happens next.

Broke barmaid Fern has a regular singing set between bar shifts in the London pub where she works. Singing her heart out to drunken chatting customers night after night.

Always trying to help her family. Fern supports her fed up Mum, selfish Dad and single brother who’s raising a poorly child.  As her best friend and music partner Carl says, never taking time to care for herself.

Living in a shabby flat over an Indian restaurant dreaming of being a singing star while constantly trying to earn extra money. This story takes Fern to a random job as a PA for a renowned opera singer where she sees how the other half live.

Opera singer Evan David has a tragedy in his past that has affected his ability to form lasting relationships. Living in a world of private jets, chauffeured cars and luxurious homes. When Fern turns his world upside down Evan realises he is lonely. Little references to the Operas Evan is starring in and giving brief outlines of their story is an interesting addition.

When best friend Carl talks Fern into their chance to audition for a big tv talent show these events change her life. But not in the way you would expect and certainly not smoothly. Eventually Fern’s voice gets her the life she yearns for, for her and her family.

Welcome to the real world is an easy read, funny in parts and a little predictable in others but overall a good read. I would definitely look for more Carole Matthews books after reading this one.