Underfloor heating, an asset in winter.

When we decided to open up the kitchen into the small conservatory on the back of the house we worried about heating and keeping it warm in winter. Although we have a south facing garden the winter evenings are chilly so we did some research.

kitchen leading into conservatory extension with underfloor heating

We decided on underfloor heating. The conservatory was already built so we choose low level heating that wouldn’t affect the floor height and was compatible with laminate flooring. We felt laminate was more suitable for boys playing in the kitchen using the floor for indoor football, car games and lego building.

My husband planned the layout covering the whole space. We have a timer for winter and a quick on/off switch for immediate use, you can see it neatly on the wall above. The flooring doesn’t take long to heat at all as the concrete floor below had been fully insulated before the system was laid.

We know underfloor heating has added value to our home, is this something you have considered?

What do you think, add your views to this SURVEY and help by sharing your thoughts.

As we come up to winter make the most of your rooms with good heating systems, you can view different systems here.



This is a collaboration, all words and opinions are my own.

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