The teen tests Logitech G433 gaming headset

When my teenager said he needed new headphones for his PS4 I had no idea what to get. So when Maplin offered a Logitech headset to review it was perfect timing and he was thrilled to try them.

logitech G433 headset


We received the G433. A wired set with easy set up that has a variety of attachments to fit all your main systems, from listening to music to playing games. A case is included, ideal for keeping everything together.

logitech G433 accessories

If you use the headset on a pc you can have the added advantage of surround sound, on all other devices it’s stereo. Ours were used on a PS4, playing Need for Speed and FIFA 17.

The headset & microphone are ideal for in-game chat, the boom mic transmits a clear sound and is removable when you don’t need it. Really light weight ear pads are flexible & comfortable to wear, and cancel out most background noise. A choice of ear pad covers are included, in a light mesh or velour for your comfort choice.

Trying the G433 headset

From a parents point of view they are not the cheapest headset, they are in the mid price range. They seem good value to me as they come with attachments to fit phones and laptops so the whole family can use them not just gamers. I watched him during set up and it’s just plug in and go, so easy I might use them when watching a film on my laptop.



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  • Ooh these look great! My partner and kids play games and I’d like the peace and quiet of the headphones! #snappedup

  • Glad to have seen this as my son could do with a new set for Christmas as the wire is all exposed on his. What’s Need for Speed like? I find it so hard to find PS4 games suitable for a 13 year old. Apparently *cough* he’s one of the only boys in his year not allowed to play 18s. Hmmm.

    • The Need for Speed is new but not the newest version, this one is a 12 & our son is 17 and said it’s good. We didn’t let ours play 18’s till he was about 16, but I did research them & some are rated higher to attract the older audience even though the content might not need an 18 certificate. If there’s any he’s interested in read reviews by game magazines or papers as they seem to give their own opinion on rating.