Saving the photos from the dog with a photo book

When I came home to photos scattered over the kitchen floor I realised our dog Ralf had dragged a photo box out from a low shelf, luckily they were all still in one piece.

The old holiday photos showed the older boys on a ‘flying sofa’ being pulled by a motor boat. I’d completely forgotten they had done this and actually can’t believe we let them.

motorboat puling a parachute seat

It made me wonder about all our photographs stored around the house and on the computer.

Now our eldest is living and working in America I thought we could put together a fun mix of pictures for him. I wonder if he will remember this flight!

We have decided to make him a photo book, it will be easy to package and compact to send for christmas and we can plan and order it online from ┬áTruprint calendars and photo books make fab presents for family members who live far away, it’s a great christmas gift.

Looking through the photos is something we rarely do unless we are looking for something in particular. But once we start it reminds us of how much fun we’ve had on holidays and at family christmases, and at this special time of year a memory of those no longer with us.

This old picture looks nothing special, christmas day mayhem at our friends house, but none of us knew 2005 would be our last christmas with Royal Marine Ben who never returned from duty in Iraq 2006.

good friend Ben at christmas

So this christmas we’re going to choose photographs to make our own photo book, a mix of good friends, holiday trips, days out on the boat and of course the newest family member, Ralf the dog.

Ralf the dog at a coffee shop

It’s time to have our wonderful memories to hand and on show in a beautiful book.

How do you store your photos?




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