Red loafers for Spring and Summer

I love red loafers for Spring & Summer wear, the last ones I had I gave to my friend as the heel was a bit high for me. So I’ve been having a look around.

Now since I decided comfort was the key to my shoe purchases, I personally want a cushioned sole. 

Loafers are a practical staple as they look great with jeans and dresses and especially cool with beige trousers.

Here’s a selection of what’s out there, now my teen would say go Gucci all the way but he doesn’t have bills to pay and I’m not so sure about them for me. 

Firstly we have Boden, always ready with a Spring trend and usually great quality for the cost £90.


Marks and Spencer are usually good for comfort, price and these have the traditional metal trim. At £25 they’re a bargain.

The classic Gucci leather Jordaan loafer, £540 expensive but timeless.

A slightly pointed shape gives these from Very a look I prefer, I think this style is more me. At £32 and not leather and they’re not forever, but they will be good for this year.


I think all the Loafers look similar, they vary by fabric and quality which determines price. These inexpensive ones from JD Williams at £32 have a chunky sole to give them a bit of noticeable difference, I like these too.

I’m not going to try the Gucci I’ll leave that to the teenager, but I think Very and JD Williams have the ones for me. They are inexpensive but if they’re comfortable that’s enough. I’ll come back with my verdict.









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