Henry goes cordless

This week we’ve had some WI ladies staying over, they were walking from Malvern to the NFWI Annual Conference in Liverpool in support of the Women’s Institute Climate change resolution – of course I wanted the house to look spotless.

Having Arthritis means I can’t do a blitz of the house, and vacuuming is a struggle especially with the wires.

Numatic have recently launched their Cordless Henry – so it was the perfect opportunity to test this out.

I found the cordless Henry is slightly lighter than the classic Henry vacuum, making it easier for me to pull from room to room. He offers a 6L bag meaning there’s still lots of space for dust and you don’t need to empty the bags as regularly as your typical vacuum cleaner.

Having no wires was a dream – it saved me so much time and my back didn’t ache as I didn’t have to constantly bend to unplug the vacuum.

He works in exactly the same way performance wise as classic Henry, has onboard storage for tools & has about 30 minutes battery life – perfect to blitz the house before the guests arrived!

One of the most important things for me with a vacuum is the weight, the cordless vacuum is definitely lighter and without the wire is far easier to manoeuvre and get to those hard to reach spots.

The ‘Henry’ is a really popular vacuum, he’s sturdy and efficient and I can see why he’s so popular with cleaners.

The cordless version is definitely my new favourite and I won’t be going back to my wired vacuum any time soon.

If you’d like the chance to win a cordless Henry, Key Industrial are running a competition on June 8th for one day only!

Good Luck!

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  • I dream of owning a cordless vacuum one day as we have a really old style Vax which is SO heavy. A 30 minute battery life is great for a quick blitz before you have visitors coming x