Working from home, a dream or a nightmare?

We have set ourselves a challenge, we’ve decided to clear out and update our study.

As the ‘other half’ prepares to part-retire a clutter free home office is required.

I have dreams of a white desk and bookcases, the desk across the window looking out onto the garden. The husband isn’t bothered he just wants somewhere clear to work and a shelf to store his files.

Working from home can be a luxury but it has it’s challenges, not just choosing a nice desk and testing comfy office chairs, there are pro’s and con’s:


There is no dress code – but would you feel productive in your pyjamas.

Can you be motivated and disciplined enough to start work – especially with a distraction like a sunny day.

No commute or travel stress – but no colleagues to discuss the days tasks with.

No boss interfering  –  I’m sure I’d think nothing of popping my head in and requesting his help with something.

Music while you work – but could it drive the rest of your family mad.

Set hours – would you be tempted to work later.


These are the things I’ve thought of but here’s a fun video which can highlight issues better than me:


I know I’m too social to permanently work from home so it’s not for me although I am looking forward to a clutter free space for my laptop, a cup of coffee and the radio. But one thing’s for sure, the view from our home office can’t compete with my work one…










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  • You definitely have a lovely work space Lorraine, and I can imagine it is so peaceful. I don’t think I could work solely from home, though I do love my 3 days off during the week. Good luck decluttering the office space. I love a declutter and sort out x