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club hub uk app

Keeping your kids occupied has always been a challenge, especially from the minute they start toddling. When my boy was small we went to Mums & Tots at the Community centre, this was as much for me as him. Chatting with other mums whilst having a cup of tea and the children played for an hour was a welcome break in our day.

When he was bigger and I went back to work in a Primary School I often heard about different groups through people asking to put information in our newsletter, in fact, even though my boy is now a teenager people still ask me if I know where they can find music lessons, or gym classes or mini soccer.

The difference now is I don’t have to wrack my old brain trying to think where I’d seen a poster for Gymbobs, now I just refer them to a fab new FREE App designed by a Mum who has been through the whole thing herself.

How the Club Hub UK App works

Club Hub is the only service to locate activities from new-born to 18 years in the U.K. Club Hub is here to help you locate children’s clubs and activities relevant to you.

From Dance classes to Spanish lessons, Drama group to Archery, there are even groups and clubs you would never have thought of, but by choosing your location search you can find what’s around where you live.

So if your little one dreams of being a dancer or your 14 year old want’s football training then get on the Club Hub App and hopefully you’ll find five minutes peace too.

Club hub uk App

And if you’re a Club Owner just sign up to have your activity listed on the app and website for FREE. There are also fabulous competitively priced packages available too! 



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  • This is SUCH a wonderful idea as you always see parents posting in local FB groups asking where the nearest football/karate/dance classes are. I tended to find out local clubs and classes through word of mouth, but I would have definitely used an app if it was around when mine were younger x