New year, New skill

Now the new year is here I’m wondering about learning a new skill,  and hopefully seeing it through to completion.

learn a skill, ukulele

Last year I got a Ukulele and had planned to go to a class, but when the eldest realised I couldn’t even tell if it was in tune I knew it was downhill from there.

Of course you don’t have to physically go to a class these days, with Youtube and online courses you can study almost anything anytime.

The other half has already started some training at work.  With early semi-retirement in his plans this year his role will change to enable him to work two or three days a week  instead of five, and still allow continuity with the families he works with in the hospital.

This is quite common, lots of workplaces provide organisational learning for personal development and sharing knowledge which benefits the company and individuals.

I do have an idea about something I would really like to train to do this year.

Early last year when I was interviewed on a local community radio station I stayed throughout the whole show and helped out by reading messages and chatting ‘radio style’ while the producer had been stuck in traffic.

I loved it, and afterwards talked about an idea I had for a programme, which they were very interested in, so maybe that’s what I could do this year.

After all, Annie Nightingale still presents a radio show and she’s way older than me.

Do you have plans to learn something new this year?

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