Make a flower arrangement using faux peonies

The idea to make a flower arrangement started when we finished decorating the hall & I wanted a white flower arrangement between the lamps on the hall table. I’d seen a lovely one in Next and was considering buying it, even at £50!

Looking on Instagram I saw the artificial peonies The big door wreath company had for sale & they were stunning. So I decided to try and make my own arrangement.

Before I continue this let’s get something straight, I have never been a maker or crafter or flower arranger so, although very simple, this is something totally unusual for me.

The flowers arrived, they’re £3.50 a stem and each stem has two flower heads, one open and one closed.

faux peony delivery

Then I found an old fishbowl we had, we used to arrange real tulips in this bowl. I bet you could find a similar bowl in a charity shop

faux peonies in a bowl

I placed a few flowers in to try them out, the stalks are long & can be bent or cut to size, I quite like them bent in the bowl.

Anyway, 6 stems later & here we are, at a fraction of what I was going to pay & I love it.

Hall table with flower arrangement and lamps

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