Keep your dog feeling secure around the sound of fireworks

Ralf under the table away from fireworks

Is your dog afraid of loud noises?

Luckily Ralf doesn’t seem too bothered by them, but as we have quite a few firework displays in our area we will be home with him on Bonfire night just to keep him reassured.

Here are some tips for keeping your dog feeling safe and secure around the sound of fireworks:

Keep your dog indoors with windows and doors closed and with human companionship.

Leave internal doors open so your pets don’t feel trapped.

Drawing curtains can act as soundproofing and muffle loud outdoor noise.

Provide background noise such as the TV, radio or other music — start this in advance of the fireworks starting.

Ensure your dog has access to a place where he can go and settle if he’s distressed, his bed or a den.

Offer other alternatives to his bed such as under a table with a blanket or somewhere to hide that’s a comfort to your pet.

Feed him a good meal well before the fireworks are due to start.

Have treats handy while the fireworks are going off as this may distract him and help to settle him down.

Praise your pet as this can help reassure him.

Comfort your pet if he is acting scared, but don’t over cuddle him.

We hope you have a fun time and enjoy the fireworks safely.



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  • Aww. A firework went off the other might by ours and Dixie was very upset. Not looking forward to Bonfire Night this year. I’ll definitely be bearing in mind some of these tips. 🙂