Guest rooms for family visitors or random strangers

I love having visitors but always get stressed before they arrive, then love it when they’re here.

I’m always first to say ’you can stay at ours’ and we’ve even had people to stay who we don’t even know! 

It started when our friend’s daughter was getting married and we had a few of the guests to stay at ours. We hadn’t met them before, but we pitched in to help with the wedding and it was great fun.

We had some lovely ladies come to stay when the National Federation of Women’s Institutes annual meeting took place in Liverpool. Two members from Malvern in Worcester planned to walk the distance to highlight climate change. Raising awareness in support of a resolution made by the WI to combat climate change.

Hoping to stay at members homes along the route, I couldn’t resist offering our home for an overnight stay. They were taking on a big challenge and the Women’s Institute support each other wherever possible.

We were the last stop before Liverpool, walking along the canal they found their way right to our front door.

It was great to be part of their challenge. They got settled in, we ate a lovely meal then we met up with my local WI at craft group, which was a great success. The next day after a good nights sleep they set off on the final leg of their journey.

WI members walk from Malvern to liverpool

It might seem very strange and even scary to some people to have strangers in their home, but honestly I’m not crazy. We do have an idea of who the people are and have a conversation with them before they arrive.

Of course you couldn’t do any of this without having room for visitors to stay. We have a few spare rooms now our eldest is in the USA and it’s easy to keep them ready for guests.

We always have white bedding. As well as looking nice and fitting with any decor your guest can see they have a clean fresh bed to sleep in, which I think can immediately make them feel comfortable.

Its easy to find white bedding to match your chosen budget. With guest bedrooms I find a mid price range is practical. The bed isn’t permanently slept in but the bedding will last longer and keep better through all the laundering. As an example, for a wide range the Julian Charles collections are good quality and vary in price.

You can always use a throw or blanket to add a touch of colour to the bed.

pink bedcover

We’re about to get ready for our next guests, who I know through our twitter quiz nights. But I’m not worried about these two as we’ve already met, we went to their holiday home in Ireland….. yes, we’d never met before that either.


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