Feeding the birds for Birdwatch

At the end of January we had the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, this is the worlds largest garden survey of birds. The aim is to sit for an hour and list what birds come into your garden. Results are being entered into the survey until 17th February. The survey has run for 40 years allowing the RSPB to monitor trends. The information creates a snapshot of how birds are doing across the UK. Last year’s survey put House Sparrows top of the list.

small garden bird on a bird feeder

We’ve taken part in this before but this year our garden was a bit forlorn of birds. We’ve had a big clear out and the overgrown trees have all gone leaving no shelter for birds.  Setting up bird feeders will bring back birds to the garden, especially while the weather is still cold.  We have made a birdhouse for shelter and nesting but we need a safe place to site it. We still have trees in the front garden so that’s an option for a birdwatch.

Trago have produced the infographic below which gives advice on feeding garden birds.

an infographic on feeding wild birds

If you missed the Birdwatch you can still set up feeders and watch what comes into your garden. It’s very relaxing and a good reason to get a cup of tea and sit for an hour.

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