Easy christmas craft decorations

Making decorations for your christmas tree is a fun craft for children and adults alike.

This year, for our Old Town Bloom community garden in the town centre, we got together with Hazlehurst Artists to make ornaments to decorate the space. It was great fun and there were lots of easy but effective designs to try.

Using white modelling clay and wooden letter punches we cut out designs and stamped names or words onto the clay, they can be painted or rubbed with a gilt paste to give a sheen. These will be hung from the tree.  I’m definitely making more things like this for our home.

stamped clay heart christmas decoration

And lolly sticks, how useful are they? Glued together, sprinkled with glitter and embellishments added, simple but effective.

lolly stick reindeer craft

lolly stick christmas rudolph

Paper cone Angels!  Craft paper, polystyrene balls and a bit of netting.

paper cone angel craft

Adding pipe cleaner hair was a genius idea from one of the parents.

paper cone Angel ready for the tree

Little birds from pinecones, with felt beaks and wobbly eyes.

birds made out of pine cones

A new addition, although not as easy to make, were our christmas boots based on a lovely German tradition.

Each year, something peculiar happens on the eve of December 5: Children across Germany each leave a single boot outside their doorsteps, which is then magically filled overnight with chocolate and sweets.

christmas boot decoration

We had a lovely morning with children and adults crafting together and making ornaments ready for Santa’s visit to the garden.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and going furniture shopping with glitter in your hair brightens up everyone’s day doesn’t it.

Will you try some easy inexpensive christmas crafts for your tree?

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