Taking hold of anxiety my February goals.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year, there wasn’t much point as I’d forgotten last year’s a week after making them. But if I did it would be to try and control my anxiety.

I saw my friend Tracey (Williams World) write a January goals list which I thought was a much better idea. She’s since updated it with what got done and what’s been carried over.

The beauty of goals is that they are flexible, it’s more about things you want to do and not strict regimes.

This is my list for February, or what’s left of it

1. Attend a work meet up I’ve been invited to:  You may think this shouldn’t be a goal but I get so anxious about travelling out of my normal area I usually don’t go to anything, no matter how much I want to. I’m trying not to put obstacles in my way this time. I’ve organised travel and am keeping it simple. Will let you know what happens.

2. Buy the birthday present my husband wants, instead of what I think he should have:  This makes me laugh, my husband never asks for anything but he would love a generator, a 3D printer or a Soup Maker. He’s finally getting one of them for his birthday this month.

3. Join in the fancy dress for our 50’s themed WI meeting:  We have a very busy and fun WI group. At our monthly meetings we have a theme or subject that the meeting will follow. We’ve just had wellbeing January where we had a Tai Chi lesson. February is 1950’s, a lot of members will dress up and they’re fab at it, I never do, but I’m going to try this one.

Our WI 40’s night.

4. Attend the Commodore standing down night at the boat club: I sound so ungrateful for all the fun events I’ve been invited to but again anxiety takes over. The standing down night is when the present Commodore steps down from their duties and the next one steps up. The Commodore is a bit like a social secretary, organising fun nights and trips out on our narrowboats. It will be packed, there will be a loud band and food all provided by the commodores fund. I’ve said I’m going but I always say that, this time I’m determined to go.

5. Take our old winter coats, scarves and footwear to Scouse Kitchen:  The Scouse Kitchen is set up every Wednesday evening at St Lukes Church in Liverpool, St Lukes is the very well known bombed out church. The Scouse Kitchen share out food and clothing to the homeless, and along with Care for the Paw and Liverpool Vets any dogs are checked over too. I really want to take and donate coats, scarves, boots and dog food, this is my favourite goal.   

They are my goals for February, quite simple but not to someone who can get anxious. They will take me out of my comfort zone but I’m going to try.

Will report back at the end of February. 

Do you have any goals, or did you make resolutions?

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  • Anxiety is horrible Lorraine isn’t it, many times in the past I’ve avoided social situations because of it so I’m glad to hear you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Thanks for highlighting Scouse Kitchen too, I’ve never heard of it but it sounds like a great cause. Hope February is a good month for you x

  • I think this is lovely Lorraine, and sorry to hear your anxiety stops you from doing things. I know you attended the work meet up yesterday, and that is a huge step so well done lovely. I am definitely coming to it next time as it sounded fun. Definitely achievable goals for you x