Driving – From L Plates to Passes

The L plates are on the car and this time next week my teen will have taken his driving Theory Test and we will know if he can book his driving test, or not.

He’s been revising with an App on his phone and at tea time we have discussions about multiple choice questions and hazard perception. Of course his old fogey parents who’ve been driving for years brought up all our old Highway Code knowledge. Yes, you did have to read the book.

I’m so glad it’s not his actual driving test though as we currently have snow here in the North West.

He’s been doing really well on the multiple choice questions. But one of the questions he mentioned was on stopping distances. Who remembers the stopping distances?

Most of us take this for granted with our driving experience, but do you know them? It was always one of the test questions before the theory test became part of learning to drive.

We were trying to test each other but the teen calculates in metres and we remember them in feet. So we looked at the new Kwik Fit video test.

With the wet wintery weather Kwik Fit have produced a video quiz of speeds, weather conditions & stopping distances. Do you remember the actual stopping distances, give the quiz a try.

It’s astounding the distance you need in snowy icy conditions, of course all of this depends on your car being road worthy and worse if you need new car tyres.

I did very well on the general stopping distances but really underestimated the snowy conditions distance. I think most people will be shocked by how far behind you need to be from the car in front.

We’re hoping all of this information is sinking in with the teen. He doesn’t seem too worried about the test at the moment so hopefully he can stay calm and get that pass. ………stay tuned.


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  • Best of luck to your teen for next week. I didn’t know you could get an app and practise, and sometimes I think I am glad I passed in the dark ages before the theory test was around. I think most people wouldn’t know about stopping distances in the snow x