10 reasons for Uni (and they’re all about me)


As a 14 year old my son is always out and about with friends, the older he’s getting the further he’s going, even though he’s a sensible kid I worry myself sick wondering if he’s ok.

Yes, I know that sounds stupid, especially as we have a 26 year old coaching football in America and I don’t worry about him (too much).

So as he gets older and is going to be attending concerts, clubs and festivals I’ve decided he should go to Uni for my sanity, i’m planning to try the ‘out of sight out of mind’ tack and won’t have to:

1. Wonder where he is.

2. Wonder what time he’s coming in.

3. Have to buy a million snacks a week.

4. Have to answer the door 20 times a day.

5. Manoeuvre around an obstacle course of long legs in the sitting room.

6. Notice that he hasn’t yet done his homework.

7. Have him relying on us parents. as he gains confidence and independence,

8. See him drunk!

9. Wonder where he is. (again)

10. Wonder what time he’s coming in. (again)

I think he’ll have more freedom, but will I feel any better?

What do you think, will my plan work?

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