This September ‘Bag it Beat it’ for the British Heart Foundation

british heart foundation bags

Have you ever had to wear a heart monitor? It’s not the best fashion accessory, and after three days of being restricted to one quick shower it can be a necessary nuisance.

Severe palpitations had led to tests to check my Rheumatoid Arthritis wasn’t affecting my major organs. An ECG, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, a  scan and then the monitor to wear, resulting in a consultation to review readings.

Luckily I was fine, but I was amazed at the tests available as the first line in detecting any defect or abnormality in the heart.

All of these tests are available on the NHS through a GP, and they are all done quickly, detecting heart problems early can save lives.

The British Heart Foundation  is the nations  largest independent funder of cardiovascular research, and because of this most babies born today with heart defects survive. And as I watch my young cousin excitedly go off to University 18 years after having heart surgery when born I am thankful for this research, but there’s a lot more to be done:

Coronary heart disease is still the UK’s single biggest killer, surgery techniques can still be improved, and there are exciting developments in genetics and stem cell technology yet to be found and YOU CAN HELP.

heart foundation bag it beat it logo

This September take part in Bag it.Beat it.  the nationwide bag donation challenge to collect stock for British Heart Foundation shops. So whether you’re a wardrobe stuffer, a CD collector or a shoe hoarder, you can help fund vital research.

Simply donate your stuff, or organise a Bag it Beat it bag drive.
and challenge your friends, family and colleagues to clear the clutter by filling bags with good quality unwanted clothes, shoes, books, handbags, DVDs, CDs, bric-a-brac and children’s toys. They’ll even come and collect your donations for free.

Why don’t you join in, what better reason could there be to have a clear out in time for Christmas.




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