The teen tests Logitech G433 gaming headset

When my teenager said he needed new headphones for his PS4 I had no idea what to get. So when Maplin offered a Logitech headset to review it was perfect timing and he was thrilled to try them.

logitech G433 headset


We received the G433. A wired set with easy set up that has a variety of attachments to fit all your main systems, from listening to music to playing games. A case is included, ideal for keeping everything together.

logitech G433 accessories

If you use the headset on a pc you can have the added advantage of surround sound, on all other devices it’s stereo. Ours were used on a PS4, playing Need for Speed and FIFA 17.

The headset & microphone are ideal for in-game chat, the boom mic transmits a clear sound and is removable when you don’t need it. Really light weight ear pads are flexible & comfortable to wear, and cancel out most background noise. A choice of ear pad covers are included, in a light mesh or velour for your comfort choice.

Trying the G433 headset

From a parents point of view they are not the cheapest headset, they are in the mid price range. They seem good value to me as they come with attachments to fit phones and laptops so the whole family can use them not just gamers. I watched him during set up and it’s just plug in and go, so easy I might use them when watching a film on my laptop.



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Love where you live – Fun Palaces, engaging the community

On the weekend of 7/8 October communities across the country came together to create Fun Palaces. Fun Palaces can happen anywhere over the first weekend of October. They are free participatory by the community for the community.

A Fun Palace is a temporary and moveable event made by local people coming together and bringing arts, sciences and crafts all free and fun to try. Working together and encouraging community engagement.

I went and found an event to see what it was all about.

I was greeted by a gorgeous mandala in the church grounds, I watched as the finishing touches were added.

Members of a local Ukulele group entertained the visitors and honoured guest The Mayor, who joined in one of the drumming sessions organised by Unity Project Runcorn.

Being alongside the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal and two minutes from the Bridgewater Canal it seems appropriate to share with the community the perfect food recipe for Ducks. Ingredients were provided to make up your perfect mix, and it NEVER includes bread.

All ages joined in….

Community support officers joined in the indoor archery..

Local artists from Hazlehurst Studios created artwork representing all the venues holding events and activities over the weekend, ready to be coloured in and made into badges.

These are mine:

It was a really fun day of activities, music, food and friends. But this doesn’t have to be just a once a year thing, ‘Love where you live’ encourages people in communities to get together to help improve life for the people and the environment. Thanks to Old Town Bloomers who are a big part of local community engagement for sharing the love and some photos.

Look out for community events where you are and join in the ‘Love where you live’ campaign.



This Charming man by Marian Keyes – Book Review

In a recent conversation about Author Marian keyes I said ‘I’ve never read any of her books’ so on recommendation I’ve started with:  This Charming Man

At first I couldn’t get into this book, the opening passages are written ‘diary like’ and very disjointed and I did wonder if this was the writer’s usual style, which I didn’t like at all.

I soon realised this was only for the opening character Lola, as the four main characters, all women, each have their own voice (and font).

Written in sections it flows back and forth between the women all connected by ‘the charming man’ politician Paddy De Courcy.

I thought the characters believable and their connection to each other plausible. I mistakenly thought this book was going to be a light read as it begins with Lola, a fashion stylist to the rich and famous of Dublin. It is not a light read, this book covers domestic violence, alcoholism and depression and the harrowing effects on the women’s lives.

I believe this story isn’t typical of a Marian Keyes book and although it’s not my usual read I carried on to the end, despite it’s length (very long).

I liked Lola and Grace especially and I wanted to know what happened to all of the women, and did Paddy get his come-uppance? Well I’ll leave that for you to discover, but the ending was a surprise I hadn’t envisaged and I enjoyed it.

I am going to read another Marian Keyes book as I do think she’s a good story teller, it will probably be her new book The Break, which started my original conversation about this author.



Getting to know you, with flowers

baby congratulations flower bouquets

When our boy was born we received so many congratulatory flowers. Having a first baby at 40 was a shock to me but all of our friends and family were thrilled.

It was lovely. But secretly I’m sure they were ready to see if I took all the ‘advice’ I’d given them about parenting when I wasn’t one.

I must ask them about that.

When Flying Flowers sent me their info on baby blooms by birth flower I thought it was a fabulous idea. Flowers relating to horoscope traits of birth month, producing a more personalised bunch of flowers.


Our boy was born in july…

baby flowers

July Birth Flower, Larkspur

Horoscopes of July :
Cancer (Jun 22nd – Jul 23rd)
Leo (Jul 24th – Aug 23rd)

Symbolism of the Flower:
The beautiful larkspur is a symbol of lightness and cheerfulness due to the colourful butterflies and bumblebees it attracts. When in bloom the Larkspur presents a spur of petals exposing a single follicle of fruit inside.

What does this mean?:
To some the plant means luck, which is good news for those born in this month who are likely to be determined individuals with a sensitive nature.

This can relate to our boy: now a teenager and in 6th form he loves clothes, he has his own fashionable style and the determination to not follow the crowd. He is very caring and sensitive to the feelings of others, which makes a very good friend.

You can find all of the Baby Bloom flowers above, and maybe your next floral baby gift or thoughtful birthday flowers can be a bit more personalised.


Henry goes cordless

This week we’ve had some WI ladies staying over, they were walking from Malvern to the NFWI Annual Conference in Liverpool in support of the Women’s Institute Climate change resolution – of course I wanted the house to look spotless.

Having Arthritis means I can’t do a blitz of the house, and vacuuming is a struggle especially with the wires.

Numatic have recently launched their Cordless Henry – so it was the perfect opportunity to test this out.

I found the cordless Henry is slightly lighter than the classic Henry vacuum, making it easier for me to pull from room to room. He offers a 6L bag meaning there’s still lots of space for dust and you don’t need to empty the bags as regularly as your typical vacuum cleaner.

Having no wires was a dream – it saved me so much time and my back didn’t ache as I didn’t have to constantly bend to unplug the vacuum.

He works in exactly the same way performance wise as classic Henry, has onboard storage for tools & has about 30 minutes battery life – perfect to blitz the house before the guests arrived!

One of the most important things for me with a vacuum is the weight, the cordless vacuum is definitely lighter and without the wire is far easier to manoeuvre and get to those hard to reach spots.

The ‘Henry’ is a really popular vacuum, he’s sturdy and efficient and I can see why he’s so popular with cleaners.

The cordless version is definitely my new favourite and I won’t be going back to my wired vacuum any time soon.

If you’d like the chance to win a cordless Henry, Key Industrial are running a competition on June 8th for one day only!

Good Luck!