Red loafers for Spring and Summer

I love red loafers for Spring & Summer wear, the last ones I had I gave to my friend as the heel was a bit high for me. So I’ve been having a look around.

Now since I decided comfort was the key to my shoe purchases, I personally want a cushioned sole. 

Loafers are a practical staple as they look great with jeans and dresses and especially cool with beige trousers.

Here’s a selection of what’s out there, now my teen would say go Gucci all the way but he doesn’t have bills to pay and I’m not so sure about them for me. 

Firstly we have Boden, always ready with a Spring trend and usually great quality for the cost £90.


Marks and Spencer are usually good for comfort, price and these have the traditional metal trim. At £25 they’re a bargain.

The classic Gucci leather Jordaan loafer, £540 expensive but timeless.

A slightly pointed shape gives these from Very a look I prefer, I think this style is more me. At £32 and not leather and they’re not forever, but they will be good for this year.


I think all the Loafers look similar, they vary by fabric and quality which determines price. These inexpensive ones from JD Williams at £32 have a chunky sole to give them a bit of noticeable difference, I like these too.

I’m not going to try the Gucci I’ll leave that to the teenager, but I think Very and JD Williams have the ones for me. They are inexpensive but if they’re comfortable that’s enough. I’ll come back with my verdict.









New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle by Liz Eeles – Book Review

New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the Cosy Kettle –  Published by Bookouture (12 Mar. 2019) Amazon 

When Callie Fulbright anxiously awaits the new owner of the bookshop where she works she has no idea what opportunities lie ahead.  She’s excited to discover her long dismissed dream of a cafe in the bookshop is to be realised when new owner gives her the go-ahead to revamp the dusty back room into the Cosy Kettle Cafe.

Just when things are looking up, the return of the man who broke her heart sets her emotions spinning. At the same time someone’s trying to ruin the cafe’s reputation. Is there a connection?

We follow Callie as she rediscovers Noah and finds out what really happened before he left.

This is a lovely story about caring Callie and how she welcomes people into the cafe and her life, helping them along the way. Will she welcome Noah back into her life too?

I really enjoyed this book, my first Liz Eeles and I know it won’t be my last. New starts and cherry tarts is a funny romantic story about friends and family, perfect for a spring read. The characters are likeable and Callie has her hands full with her thrill seeking grandfather who brings fun to the book. Definitely one to bring a smile to your face and a tug on the heartstrings.

Highly recommended ✫✫✫✫✫

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SEO – What do you know?

I love doing book reviews and after my last one someone asked me how do they become a book blogger?  She didn’t have a blog but was an avid reader and would love to share thoughts and views on the books she’s read.

Well, I started my blog with absolutely no knowledge of how to build a website. In fact I don’t know how I got here really.

When someone asks a question like this although I’m no expert at all. I think, what can I do to help?

Firstly direct them to my preferred platform which is WordPress, then to follow the step by step guide and for more info look on twitter #Wordpress where there is a further mine of information.

Of course this is only the beginning.

To reach a wider audience the aim is to have your blog or website picked up by a search engine such as Google. It can then list higher and show up when people are searching through thousands of sites like yours.

Search engines look for keywords and to know what and where to place keywords you need to learn about SEO and PPC then decide which is for you.  So what are they?


Search Engine Optimisation and the placement of Keywords helps your site be discovered. Keywords are the most used words typed into google when searching for information. For example if you’re writing about your holidays then find a keyword someone would use when searching for holidays, this needs to be in your title.  The same word can also be included in the first paragraph. This is the system I use.


Pay-Per-Click.  To use pay-per-click you add advertising unobtrusively onto your site. A company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement. The advertiser has already decided on keywords relating to their ad. This still needs chosen keywords and engaging copy to get someone to click through. I have never used this system.

It does take time to understand it all. But if you are unsure of how it works or wondering which is the best way for your site then you can employ further advice from  specialists, such as Click Consult.

Whatever you decide, a blog or website is a great way of sharing your interests, opinions and knowledge, and of course your book reviews.




Ralf Reviews: Scrumbles dog food

Our Ralf is really fussy about what he eats, well actually that’s me being fussy about what I buy him. We’ve always checked the content of Ralf’s food and he’s been trying something new, Scrumbles dog food.

Ralf with a bag of Scrumbles dog food

I’ve read so many things about the bad additives and grains that are added to some dog foods. You do have to check the labels if you care about what you feed your dog.

My friend’s lovely dog eats one of the mass produced brands of dog food, he looks good with his beautiful shiny coat but he’s always being thrown out of the kitchen door because WOW he stinks. Apparently this is due to the food he eats, which he may be having a reaction to.

Bad dog food ingredients from

Scrumbles is made by people who are pet owners and know what they want in a food. It has high meat content and quality ingredients, most importantly avoiding bad grains to bulk up the food. It’s wheat free, gluten free and hypoallergenic. Which is great if you think your dog might have a sensitive stomach.

list of ingredients in Scrumbles dog food

Ralf investigated the packaging and then had his first taste…..

Ralf sniffing the Scrumbles dog food package

…….which for a fussy pup was good to see.

Ralf eating Scrumbles dog food


If you would like to know more about Scrumbles, you can find them here.


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Choosing artwork for your home

When I was looking for some light artwork for the living room I decided to have something made. I’d seen the floral artwork by a local artist Claire Pitt, and wondered if she could make something for our home.

Claire specialises in personalised items, initials, gifts for weddings, births and anniversaries. Her Mother’s day pieces make beautiful presents. But as she was talking about expanding her range I approached her with an idea.

floral H artwork

Usually specialising in hand crafted delicate floral initials I commissioned some word art which fitted in with her usual style.

artwork in progress

We discussed colours and flower styles, she uses real pressed flowers and skeleton leaves, gilt and crystals, all combined to make an individual piece.

the layout of letters

The finished work is now on our wall and we love it. It’s perfect for the space and unique as no two hand made pieces are ever the same.

You can find Claire on Etsy at CRPittDesigns