Dermaplaning facial and Trinny Make up

When I decided I needed a facial my lovely beautician friend suggested Dermaplaning. She’s so good at what she does I trust her suggestions, so although I’m a wimp I said yes.

What is dermaplaning?

It’s a skin care treatment that removes the dead skin cells and the peach like fuzz on your face. It’s done using a small sterile scalpel while holding the skin taut, and is absolutely painless. In fact I found the gentle scraping movements very relaxing.

Removing the fine fuzzy hair can be beneficial as the fine hairs trap debris and oils and give skin a dull look.  After the treatment I saw an instant improvement in skin texture and tone. This treatment is used on all skin types and ages.

My Beautician told me skin care products and treatments perform much more efficiently after this treatment. They can penetrate the skin more easily, makeup goes on smoother too.

Dermaplaning costs average around £45 and will finish with a cooling hyaluronic face mask included.

This leads me on to my next purchase, Trinny London Make-up

I’ve been looking at the Trinny range for a while, I’d matched up my colour on the Match2Me scale but I wasn’t really sure what products I would use.

I don’t love wearing make up so I wanted to keep it simple, I decided to try the BFF cream, it cost £35 and this is what the website says…


The cream is white and goes on clear and flipping heck it’s fab, it must be the light reflection or something. You can wear it on it’s own so you don’t need to buy all of the make-up range. It’s definitely given me a boost of confidence as its so easy to use.

I chose the lightest colour. My hair is grey now although I’ve always been the palest colour on any make up charts. Even in the 80’s when everyone wore Elizabeth Arden Toasty Beige!

I also bought Miracle Blur which has great reviews but I didn’t find it easy to use. It works on the fine lines, wrinkles and pores,  filling them in and blurring them out. You can wear this over the BFF cream, I think I didn’t use it properly, I need to give it another try.

Overall I’d recommend dermaplaning and Trinny make up, both feel really lovely. I’ll be having dermaplaning again and hopefully I will be better at applying the miracle blur by then.



Feeding the birds for Birdwatch

At the end of January we had the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, this is the worlds largest garden survey of birds. The aim is to sit for an hour and list what birds come into your garden. Results are being entered into the survey until 17th February. The survey has run for 40 years allowing the RSPB to monitor trends. The information creates a snapshot of how birds are doing across the UK. Last year’s survey put House Sparrows top of the list.

small garden bird on a bird feeder

We’ve taken part in this before but this year our garden was a bit forlorn of birds. We’ve had a big clear out and the overgrown trees have all gone leaving no shelter for birds.  Setting up bird feeders will bring back birds to the garden, especially while the weather is still cold.  We have made a birdhouse for shelter and nesting but we need a safe place to site it. We still have trees in the front garden so that’s an option for a birdwatch.

Trago have produced the infographic below which gives advice on feeding garden birds.

an infographic on feeding wild birds

If you missed the Birdwatch you can still set up feeders and watch what comes into your garden. It’s very relaxing and a good reason to get a cup of tea and sit for an hour.

Guest rooms for family visitors or random strangers

I love having visitors but always get stressed before they arrive, then love it when they’re here.

I’m always first to say ’you can stay at ours’ and we’ve even had people to stay who we don’t even know! 

It started when our friend’s daughter was getting married and we had a few of the guests to stay at ours. We hadn’t met them before, but we pitched in to help with the wedding and it was great fun.

We had some lovely ladies come to stay when the National Federation of Women’s Institutes annual meeting took place in Liverpool. Two members from Malvern in Worcester planned to walk the distance to highlight climate change. Raising awareness in support of a resolution made by the WI to combat climate change.

Hoping to stay at members homes along the route, I couldn’t resist offering our home for an overnight stay. They were taking on a big challenge and the Women’s Institute support each other wherever possible.

We were the last stop before Liverpool, walking along the canal they found their way right to our front door.

It was great to be part of their challenge. They got settled in, we ate a lovely meal then we met up with my local WI at craft group, which was a great success. The next day after a good nights sleep they set off on the final leg of their journey.

WI members walk from Malvern to liverpool

It might seem very strange and even scary to some people to have strangers in their home, but honestly I’m not crazy. We do have an idea of who the people are and have a conversation with them before they arrive.

Of course you couldn’t do any of this without having room for visitors to stay. We have a few spare rooms now our eldest is in the USA and it’s easy to keep them ready for guests.

We always have white bedding. As well as looking nice and fitting with any decor your guest can see they have a clean fresh bed to sleep in, which I think can immediately make them feel comfortable.

Its easy to find white bedding to match your chosen budget. With guest bedrooms I find a mid price range is practical. The bed isn’t permanently slept in but the bedding will last longer and keep better through all the laundering. As an example, for a wide range the Julian Charles collections are good quality and vary in price.

You can always use a throw or blanket to add a touch of colour to the bed.

pink bedcover

We’re about to get ready for our next guests, who I know through our twitter quiz nights. But I’m not worried about these two as we’ve already met, we went to their holiday home in Ireland….. yes, we’d never met before that either.


2018 was Decisions, Challenges and Changes

In 2018 I made some decisions, took on some new challenges and had some changes thrust upon me. I found new entertainment, I embraced some age issues, and I made sausage rolls, totally unheard of for me. Oh and I definitely went overboard on the dog photos.

New challenges

I started the year as a new committee member of my local WI. My role is to grow our social media presence. We are now connecting with other WI’s and community groups across the country and around the world. It’s been really fun and will continue this year.

Fun pyjama night at our women's institute meeting


2018 saw me bake sausage rolls, totally unheard of by me as I’m not and never have been a lover of cooking. My teen loved the pork & black pudding rolls I made. I’ve since made cinnamon rolls so hey 2019 could be GBBO for me.

homemade sausage rolls



After letting my roots grow and giving the grey a chance I finally had the last of my colour cut out. I have totally embraced my grey hair. I love it and received so many compliments which have given my confidence a boost.

letting my hair grow grey


Thrust upon me

My boy turned 18 this year and after dropping out of Alevels with only 6 weeks to go before exams I was so stressed about it, he was so relaxed. But he said he’d get an apprenticeship and he did. Now 9 months on and he’s loving it. He’s been so lucky as it’s a very good company he’s working for. If you ever find yourself in a position like this I’d definitely repeat what my husband said to me at the time,  ‘don’t panic, he’ll be fine’.



Facing up to the fact of having arthritis for 30 years! and I’ve finally embraced the flat shoes. Partly because there’s so much choice, and the fact you can wear them with anything. Winning a pair of Vionic Cece boots on my birthday reinforced my decision to buy comfortable shoes, even if I have to spend a bit more.

cece boots by Vionic footwear



Thanks to a recommendation by Jess Soothill, creator of Mothers Who , I discovered a love of podcasts. I’ve always been a talk radio fan but now I’ve a listening collection from fashion based to comedy.

My absolute fave is from the Telegraph fashion team Fashion Unzipped, I love their honesty when discussing trends, designers, fashion and style. My culture fix is from The High Low with Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, and for creative chat there’s Hashtag Authentic from Sara Tasker blogger at Me and Orla.

For a  comedy fix I’m absolutely loving the new and very funny podcast Older & Wider, with Jenny Eclair & Judith Holder (the writer/producer of Grumpy Old Women). They’ve had some fab women on as guests so far, I look forward to hearing what’s next.

If you like talk radio and have never listened to podcasts have a look, there really is something for everyone whatever your interests.

podcast images


Obligatory dog photo

…… and just because I mentioned the dog photos I’ll end with our Ralf. A rescue dog who has brought an extra something into our life for the past two years.

I hope your 2019 is as fun and busy as my past year has been.  What are you looking forward to this year?

Is there an adverse effect of Instafamous outfits?

Do you buy outfits because you’ve seen them shown off on social media or does it put you off?

Firstly let me say I love Instagram, I love seeing outfits, homes and especially cute dogs.

But Instagram is also a platform to show off goods and services at their best. It must be a godsend to some small businesses who have the opportunity to reach a wider audience than before. and I’ve bought some real handmade treasures. like our felted mini Ralf

Mini felted dog

…..and my Tea, Cuddle dog, repeat Tshirt.

dog themed t shirt

You can see the dog theme can’t you.

I haven’t bought any items of High Street clothing purely because I’ve seen them on Instagram. But I have seen some of my purchases on there after I’ve bought them, and some are tagged #gifted. Now that’s a whole other story, how does it make you feel if you see something you’ve spent your hard earned money on being shown off as gifted?

Obviously it’s not the whole world, I’m only talking about my Instagram feed. But could you be put off buying if it looks like everyone is wearing a particular item?

I think sometimes seeing an outfit all over instagram might make it look like you’re going to bump into 10 people wearing it when you’re down the pub, but will you?

marks & spencer side stripe dress

For example, I thought the instafamous Marks & Spencer side stripe dress which was all over Instagram would be everywhere. Actually that wasn’t  the case as I didn’t see one person wearing it in real life.

I know this is my personal view and maybe I follow too many of the same type of accounts but I wonder, is there a misleading adverse Instagram affect regarding fashion.

What do you think?