That’s my Dad, happy father’s day

For Father’s Day

Who puts the bins out on a Sunday night

And gives me a cuddle if I’ve had a fright

Who teaches me the difference ‘tween wrong and right

That’s my Dad

Who plays football when he’s not in the mood

Talks mum into buying my favourite food

Who stifles a giggle as he says trumping’s rude

That’s my Dad

Who read me stories but fell asleep

Buys football stickers for me to keep

Who picks me up when I fall in a heap

Thats my Dad

Who’ll stand in the rain on my match day

Who’s hair is going a little grey

Who’ll be showered with love on Fathers Day

That’s my Dad

love J x




Dementia awareness – Talk about it Tuesday


I recently attended a talk on Dementia. I thought I knew what it was. It turns out I had no idea of how it destroys the brain bit by bit causing nerve cell death and tissue loss. Sounds frightening doesn’t it?

I listened to Eula, the speaker, talk of her experience of working with Alzheimers and Dementia. She is passionate about raising awareness of the illness so it will no longer be stigmatised and to highlight the amazing work that carers and caregivers do.

I have never been through so many emotions in an hour of listening to someone speak, she had very funny stories about 70 year olds who now believe they are 20 and want to go out sowing their wild oats all over again, to extremely sad tales of elderly parents not remembering they had children and wanting to go home to their Mothers.

A fabulous speaker, she had us laughing our heads off to then sitting in sad silence, it was a roller coaster of emotions to emphasise what a carer will go through looking after someone with dementia.

Dementia is an umbrella term for a variety of conditions that cause the brain to fail, Alzheimer’s disease represents the majority of cases.

This is how a person with dementia sees a clock face


People with dementia often experience problems with memory and thinking. Because they often cannot store new information efficiently, they use past experiences to make sense of the present. Music, photos and objects can help enhance memory gathering.

Libraries have a collection of Memory bags that can be borrowed. The bags contain local photographs, books, replicas of posters, labels and pictures plus smell bottles, music CDs and objects of the time.

Different themes include war, childhood, women, men, sporting life, housework, schooldays, leisure time and special events, holidays and working life.

Memory bag for help with dementia

Precise causes of Alzheimer’s or other dementia are not known. Most experts agree it is a combination of factors rather than a single cause. Individuals may be able to lower the odds of developing dementia by eating well, staying socially active and using the brain regularly.

If you would like to know more about dementia, it’s causes and how to spot the signs you can find more information here.

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Transporting a puppy in the car safely


You may have heard we have a new puppy, he has stolen our hearts and has us running rings around him. Which is exactly the opposite of the advice we were given from the animal rescue centre.

Our puppy has been chipped and has had his first vaccinations done by the centre, but this week he needed his final vaccination so we all planned a trip to the Vet surgery, even the teenager said he was coming with us.

We have spent quite a bit already despite the rescue centre providing some essentials.  We still need to organise pet insurance and as we’re looking for the cheapest car insurance we thought we might find a deal somewhere, but at the moment we have the free 4 weeks from our vet.

Now the teenager was expecting to sit on the back seat with the dog on his lap but safety conscious husband said no, we have to buy a pet carrier. Where we live the roads are either wide expressways or narrow winding lanes and some people seem to drive the same no matter what road they’re on.

We don’t need any mishaps from a puppy jumping round on the back seat and causing distractions, we had enough of that when the boys were younger, at least the puppy won’t want the radio station changed every five minutes.

Pet carriers are inexpensive which surprised me, ours was on offer at £11 and we are able to secure it with a seat belt, nobody wants a pet carrier flying forward if there’s an emergency stop. It also has a small top opening hatch if you need to soothe your puppy on the drive.

puppy and pet carrier

How do you transport your pets safely when driving?

This is a collaboration

Nursery Nightmare, child safety

Nursery Nightmare

There are lots of discussions going on at the moment about working mums and the need for affordable childcare. With the average cost of a day nursery being £177 per week per child (much more in London)  parents need to seriously look at their pay and circumstances before making a decision to stay in work after having a child.

After deciding nursery is for you next comes the choice, and really you only have your feelings and instinct to go on. As we have seen in the news even with Ofsted registration nurseries with all the right credentials are only as good as the staff running them.

This is what happened at a nursery in Cheshire.

A 3 year old girl escaped from a nursery unnoticed and walked half a mile home. She walked along a wooded path, past a pub, a shop and the path she followed is quite hidden from view. I imagine the thoughts that are flying through your mind at this moment, add to them her walk was in the vicinity of a canal. Luckily she arrived home safely knocking on the door shouting “Mummy I’m home”.

How did this happen?  The child went to the toilet alone, not unusual I imagine for a  3 year old but the school and nursery are undergoing some work and workmen were in and out of the buildings, that in itself should be enough reason to accompany a lone child. There are 11 staff for 40 children and when the child left the nursery no-one noticed she was missing until a headcount, by that time she had arrived home and her mother had contacted the staff office. It is believed she walked out through a door and gate left open by workmen.

The privately run nursery which is attached to a school have all declined to comment and Ofsted investigated. This nursery has been previously praised for its wide range of activities and effective policies for safeguarding children, but policies need to be acted upon every day there is no room to be complacent.

Although this happened under circumstances different to the usual running of the nursery  staff can get into a routine and things become lax when everything usually runs smoothly, and obviously no extra provision was put in place.  The local council provided advice and support to the nursery and I imagine staff will be more alert and will review procedures after their shake up.


Six Degrees Of Harmony

Kids Paracetamol dosage changes not shown on tablets

box of paracetamol tablets

One of the good things about having teenage kids is they don’t bring the sick bugs home often like little kids do.

So last weekend when we were all sick, starting with the teenager, it was a bit of a shock as we’d all forgotten how horrible ’throwing up’ can be.

I took care of the teen & the hub who both had headaches with their bug, as usual Paracetamol saved the day and 24 hours later all was well.

So when I was listening to the consumer programme You & Yours on Radio4 I was astounded  to hear a Mother relaying her shock at discovering she had technically overdosed her 12 year old daughter on Paracetamol!  She had no idea the dosage had changed for older children and neither did I.

Apparently in 2011 the dosage was changed on bottled Paracetamol to narrow the bands for a more accurate dosage relating to size and weight of children, but they were not changed on tablet form.

This was under the presumption that children age 0 – 16 only take liquid Paracetamol which isn’t always the case and hasn’t been for a while in our house.

The tablet labelling was to be phased in and now five years later manufacturers have until the end of December 2016 to update the dosage guidance on tablet boxes.  You can find the new guidelines on the NHS website.

The experts say, although this has caused confusion there would be no harm caused in following the old guideline,  but the new instructions are more tailored to suit children.