Welcome to the real world by Carole Matthews – Book Review

book review, welcome to the real world by carole matthews

The sun is shining on my favourite seat, a place I love to sit with a book. So I found my kindle and quickly looked through my recommended reads and wow, I found a treat.

Life, dreams, unrequited love and family drama make this book a great read. Drawing me in and wanting to know what happens next.

Broke barmaid Fern has a regular singing set between bar shifts in the London pub where she works. Singing her heart out to drunken chatting customers night after night.

Always trying to help her family. Fern supports her fed up Mum, selfish Dad and single brother who’s raising a poorly child.  As her best friend and music partner Carl says, never taking time to care for herself.

Living in a shabby flat over an Indian restaurant dreaming of being a singing star while constantly trying to earn extra money. This story takes Fern to a random job as a PA for a renowned opera singer where she sees how the other half live.

Opera singer Evan David has a tragedy in his past that has affected his ability to form lasting relationships. Living in a world of private jets, chauffeured cars and luxurious homes. When Fern turns his world upside down Evan realises he is lonely. Little references to the Operas Evan is starring in and giving brief outlines of their story is an interesting addition.

When best friend Carl talks Fern into their chance to audition for a big tv talent show these events change her life. But not in the way you would expect and certainly not smoothly. Eventually Fern’s voice gets her the life she yearns for, for her and her family.

Welcome to the real world is an easy read, funny in parts and a little predictable in others but overall a good read. I would definitely look for more Carole Matthews books after reading this one.





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