The year of surprising acts of kindness – Laura Kemp

the year of surprising acts of kindness book cover

Before I start I’ll just say… by the time I had read a third of this book I was reading some words in a sing song welsh accent and loving it.

Set in a small seaside village in Wales, Ceri Price a social media entrepreneur plans on a flying visit to Dwynwen to scatter her mothers ashes. A misunderstanding lands Ceri a job in the pub and she stays a bit longer than she intended.

In the village of Dwynwen Ceri finds kindness, friendship and the chance of love. But mostly a more meaningful purpose than she’s felt in a while.

When a local beloved and protected woodland comes under threat from developers Ceri fears the village and her new found way of life will disappear forever.

Then mysterious acts of kindness start springing up around the village, starting with pretty bunting adorning the buildings. There’s a new focus, the villagers join forces to fight the developers and revamp the tired village in it’s beautiful seaside setting as ’the village of love’.

Laura Kemp has a brilliant way of portraying the personalities of her characters so you get to know them and why they deal with situations as they do. They are emotional and have quirks like all of us, and this draws you into their lives and caring about what happens next.

This is a book that brings a warmth to your heart and the people feel ‘real’ and are very likeable.

I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it as a cosy sit by the fire with a cuppa read, and I defy you to try reading it without the sound of the lovely welsh voices in your head.


The year of surprising acts of kindness

Orion Publishing

Pub date 11 Jan 2018

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