Bring me Sunshine by Laura Kemp – Book Review

Bring me Sunshine, a book by Laura Kemp

Bring me sunshine by Laura Kemp

Charlotte Bold, Charlie to her friends, is the traffic reporter at a London radio station. She works in the background and that suits her fine. It wasn’t always like that for Charlie but that’s another story that she’s totally avoiding. When the radio station transfers her to Sunshine FM in Wales she treats it as a temporary step until she can get back to London.

Arriving at the radio station in Mumbles ready to take on the traffic and travel Charlie discovers she’s hired to host the evening show, and she’s not sure she can do it. Thrust into the limelight she must find her voice, but how.

She soon realises she’s not the only one who’s finding things hard, her colleagues, the listeners, there’s a lot of lonely people out there. Can Charlie overcome her fears, leave her old life behind and bring sunshine to the Mumbles.


Another heartwarming story from Laura Kemp. This is a story of friendships and finding out who your friends are, the good from the bad.  Laura has the skill of writing characters whose lives you want to be part of, be friends with. They are  flawed and emotional but loving and caring,  and have issues like the rest of us.

Everyone has a story behind the scenes. I especially love Delme, he steps up to save Charlie’s first broadcast but his crazy gung-ho way of life masks emotional trauma underneath.

Charlie uses her caring friendly ways to bring people together and she really does bring sunshine to the people of Mumbles.

This is definitely another good read from Laura Kemp, highly recommended.

Bring me Sunshine – Orion – 12 March 2019





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