Poppy’s Recipe for Life by Heidi Swain – Book Review

Poppy’s Recipe for Life – published by Simon & Suchuster Uk (30 May2019)

Poppy’s recipe for life invites readers back to Heidi Swain’s Nightingale Square.

Poppy’s dream is to live in Nightingale Square and share in the community garden where they grow and eat the fresh produce. Working for the local grocer, Poppy has already encouraged him to ditch the plastic. And with her home made recipe cards is helping the community to cook fresh.

Poppy’s dream is realised when owner Kate needs a reliable tenant for her cottage in the square. Despite meeting the Mr Grumpy neighbour Poppy feels she has found her happy home.

But will it last… thrown by the arrival of her insecure teenage brother who’s been abandoned by their neglectful selfish mother. This could prove to be the end of Poppy’s simple life.

Can sisterly love and a helping hand offered from Mr Grumpy help turn around a troubled teenager and give Poppy the life she craves.

This is another heartwarming story by Heidi Swain. Very topical with ditching plastic and the desire to eat what you grow. We catch up with characters from Sunshine & Sweetpeas as they come together again in the Square. Heartbreak and the effects of a neglectful parent bond the characters together and turn lives around. Wounds are healing and confidence growing but will they all find their happy ending?

A great summer read.  ☆☆☆☆☆


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