Breathe in and pull!

If you’ve ever had to squeeze into a pair of jeans, you will understand.

I’ve tried to put my jeans on,  they’re just a little tight

But if you give me 10 more minutes, I’ll get them on alright

I’ll just lay down upon the bed, I know it seems quite strange

But it helps to pull the zip up, when my stomach’s rearranged

I need to use my willpower, and lose a couple of pounds

And just ignore the biscuits when they’re being passed around

But can I refuse temptation, when I see the coffee shop cake

And try to ignore the rumbling of my tummy’s empty ache

No takeaways, no chocolates, no wine, No chips for tea

I’m getting fed up already, there’s no tasty treats for me

But I’ll persevere and lose those pounds, and you know what that means

I’ll celebrate with a slap up feast, then lie down to fasten my jeans!




Persil – beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.

The chores of Christmas, an ode to washing the dishes, loads of them.

persil smell

Standing at the kitchen sink

Time to daydream time to think

This boring chore can be so nice

With a splash of Persil, warm spice

The festive smell and frothy mass

Makes your dishwashing quickly pass

Sparkling glasses twinkle bright

Whilst cleaning pans with all its might

Tough dried on food soon becomes weak

Bugs begone as plates now squeak

I love the spicy christmassy smell

It saves me from a dishwashing hell.

persil smell



Disclosure: we received Persil Warm Spice for review purposes. All words and photos are my own.

Revision Runaway

Why is it me revising

I’m not sitting the exam

But every time the books come out

There I am

I try to give an encouraging smile

Even though it’s fake

A 13yo needs glue on the chair

Or he’s off,  #FFS

My son looks at the revision books

As if they’re from outer space

He’s a replica of ‘Oliver’

With that sad look on his face

Of course the task is always new

“we never learnt this in class”

If you believe this year 9 boy

Teachers just sit on their Ass

So I smile, and take a look

And though i’m not a fool

It’s over 30 years

Since I went to school

It’s like a foreign language

Well sometimes it actually is

French, Spanish, Chinese

Am I in a Mastermind quiz?

but i’ll continue my cajoling

And hope it all sinks in

But when he’s doing his GCSE’s

I’m afraid i’ll be hitting the GIN.


I’ve linked this poem with Prose4T


I’m going #blogonmosi with Blogs up North.

I’m going to #blogonmosi, and I’m meeting @messedupmum

we’re getting rather giddy, and can’t wait for it to come

I’ve never been to an event before, I hope it will be fun

It’ll be like a mad day out, with mums on the run

I’ve had this blog about a year, and still got loads to learn

but I’ve found a fab community, with help at every turn

I’m not even self hosted, I haven’t worked with brands

but I’m hoping that this year, they’ll both be in my plans

I don’t really know what to expect, or what we’re going to do

but I know I’m looking forward, to meeting all of you.


Dear child, a poem for mums of chattering children

 Dear child

A poem dedicated to parents of children who chatter all the time.

May you get 5 minutes peace.


Dear child, don’t you know

just how much I love you so

but all the questions

on and on

I feel as if my brain has gone

No the sun won’t melt you

yes Superman can fly

but NO! little children can’t so please don’t even try

Yes, I’m making lunch now

no you won’t grow as big as a tree

and I don’t think it’s a good idea to invite a pig to tea

I know you are inquisitive

and it’s answers that you need

and I love that you’ve an enquiring mind

but I can’t wait till you can read.