Is there an adverse effect of Instafamous outfits?

Do you buy outfits because you’ve seen them shown off on social media or does it put you off?

Firstly let me say I love Instagram, I love seeing outfits, homes and especially cute dogs.

But Instagram is also a platform to show off goods and services at their best. It must be a godsend to some small businesses who have the opportunity to reach a wider audience than before. and I’ve bought some real handmade treasures. like our felted mini Ralf

Mini felted dog

…..and my Tea, Cuddle dog, repeat Tshirt.

dog themed t shirt

You can see the dog theme can’t you.

I haven’t bought any items of High Street clothing purely because I’ve seen them on Instagram. But I have seen some of my purchases on there after I’ve bought them, and some are tagged #gifted. Now that’s a whole other story, how does it make you feel if you see something you’ve spent your hard earned money on being shown off as gifted?

Obviously it’s not the whole world, I’m only talking about my Instagram feed. But could you be put off buying if it looks like everyone is wearing a particular item?

I think sometimes seeing an outfit all over instagram might make it look like you’re going to bump into 10 people wearing it when you’re down the pub, but will you?

marks & spencer side stripe dress

For example, I thought the instafamous Marks & Spencer side stripe dress which was all over Instagram would be everywhere. Actually that wasn’t  the case as I didn’t see one person wearing it in real life.

I know this is my personal view and maybe I follow too many of the same type of accounts but I wonder, is there a misleading adverse Instagram affect regarding fashion.

What do you think?