SEO – What do you know?

I love doing book reviews and after my last one someone asked me how do they become a book blogger?  She didn’t have a blog but was an avid reader and would love to share thoughts and views on the books she’s read.

Well, I started my blog with absolutely no knowledge of how to build a website. In fact I don’t know how I got here really.

When someone asks a question like this although I’m no expert at all. I think, what can I do to help?

Firstly direct them to my preferred platform which is WordPress, then to follow the step by step guide and for more info look on twitter #Wordpress where there is a further mine of information.

Of course this is only the beginning.

To reach a wider audience the aim is to have your blog or website picked up by a search engine such as Google. It can then list higher and show up when people are searching through thousands of sites like yours.

Search engines look for keywords and to know what and where to place keywords you need to learn about SEO and PPC then decide which is for you.  So what are they?


Search Engine Optimisation and the placement of Keywords helps your site be discovered. Keywords are the most used words typed into google when searching for information. For example if you’re writing about your holidays then find a keyword someone would use when searching for holidays, this needs to be in your title.  The same word can also be included in the first paragraph. This is the system I use.


Pay-Per-Click.  To use pay-per-click you add advertising unobtrusively onto your site. A company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement. The advertiser has already decided on keywords relating to their ad. This still needs chosen keywords and engaging copy to get someone to click through. I have never used this system.

It does take time to understand it all. But if you are unsure of how it works or wondering which is the best way for your site then you can employ further advice from  specialists, such as Click Consult.

Whatever you decide, a blog or website is a great way of sharing your interests, opinions and knowledge, and of course your book reviews.




BlogOnMosi Bloggers poem


It’s a couple of weeks since we had the fab day at #BlogOnMosi, and as I’ve just received their presentation info from BringDigital it reminded me of what we learnt and shared on the day, including my poem.

You know you’re a blogger

When dinners on the table and your family’s ready to eat
but they can’t touch a morsel till you’ve photo’d it to tweet

And when you’re on a day out & the kids say something funny
you quickly get your pen & ask, say that again for mummy

You’ve seen that nosey neighbour, she’s stared at you before
she’s wondering why there’s always men, with big packages at your door

Some people just don’t get it, but what they don’t see
is what a friendly supportive helpful bunch, a blogging community can be

There’s always someone willing, to share tech advice and tips
and helping you build confidence, to go on blogging trips

So here we are at BlogOn, we’ve heard inspirational people speak
It’s been informative and lots of fun, so can we do it again next week!

Thanks to Laura (TiredMummyOfTwo) for introducing us to pr’s, brands, fun and wonderful blogging friends, all recaptured here.



Blogging & Twitter, the modern word of mouth.

This morning I was wondering wether to unfollow a company on Twitter.

Although I like their products  they have an unclear ordering system on their website,  I have asked questions regarding this which have not been answered, so what is the point of following them?

It makes me wonder wether businesses realise the power of twitter and blogging as a marketing tool and an access to customers.

I don’t believe social media interactions will make someone buy something they weren’t thinking about, but if you know me on twitter and  being the Liverpool girl I am, I can’t help  butting in answering a tweet and sharing information I have read on blogs and twitter.

For example, this review by Actually Mummy about their family skiing holiday.  Now, I’ve never been interested in skiing myself  but I really enjoyed reading this, so if someone was asking  about skiing I would refer them to this post, which might help make a decision.

It helps me too, during twitters #crafthour  yesterday I had a lovely chat with a knitter who makes fabulous fun knitted hats,  Mad Hatter  answered my questions, chatted about her work and made me feel happy to purchase a hat from her, I just need to decide between these before winter arrives.

Hats Collage made by

For me a blog post or link from a tweet is a source of information that I am spreading around,  just like word of mouth,  but far wider than even my big scouse gob could cover.