School run Mum


This poem is no reflection on anyone, as it was ME!

Hey school run Mum in your 4×4
Blocking all the space at the primary door
Only dropping one child when there’s room for more
Do you need to drive,  are you really sure?

School run Mum don’t you see
All of the pollution you’re blowing over me
I’m just a kid, I’ve got no voice
So it’s up to you to make a better choice

School run Mum you don’t live far
Get your coats on and leave the car
You’ll be fitter and healthier and it’s more fun
If you don’t take the car when you do the school run

So school run Mum heed my advice
When you’re picking up the car keys just think twice
You’ll save on petrol and ask yourself this question
Isn’t it safer round the school without traffic congestion?





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