Ooh Date Night.

I am going out tonight, it’s date night with my man

 kids are having a sleep over, staying with their Gran

 Me and hubby a night of peace, we’ve planned to dress up fine

 going to a restaurant with lots and lots of wine

 I’ve just had a rare long shower, my favourite dress is out

Just need to put my make up on and give dear hubs a shout

 feel so relaxed and comfy I lay thinking on my bed

its nice to have some quiet time, no Mum, MUM in my head

 what is that noise I recognise, that beep, beep, beep,beep, beep

 Oh no! its the morning alarm, we both fell fast asleep.


19 thoughts on “Ooh Date Night.

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  2. Ha ha ha, I wasn’t expecting that ending! Hope you got out for a rare treat eventually – exhausting parenting isn’t it?!

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