Mum’s Controller


Mum’s controller


I’m going to get a game system, it must be really fun

my kids are on it all the time, just sitting on their bum

they’re chatting on the headset, laughing with their friends

while ordering me to run about with snacks and drinks no end

my son said he’ll invent a game, one that mums can play

then Mums can sit with headphones on & laugh and chat all day

It starts by running round the house, avoiding clothes in heaps

racing to the kitchen, before the oven beeps

Then it’s throwing dishes, frisbee style i think

see if you can land them, in one piece in the sink

so now i’m having second thoughts, give it a miss I say

that’s not really a game at all, its just my normal day!


13 thoughts on “Mum’s Controller

  1. Dunno about a controller to play ‘The Domestic Goddess Game’ – as you say, just same old same old… But oh for a controller that controlled kids – that way you could sit on your bum and chat to your friends on the phone while the littlies did all the chores :) (Prose4T)

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