100 word story -The Catwalk

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She strode past the other models, not even giving them a second look, they felt a shiver as she passed them by.

Out onto the catwalk and she was home, this was her place, the excitement of the crowd buzzing with anticipation the media flashbulbs ready.

Long limbs in flowing fabric, stunning in the show lights she tossed her well recognised golden hair, once a ‘supermodel always a supermodel’ she thought.

She paused at the end of the runway, keeping her composure she turned with a glint in her eye.

Ha, she thought, I might be dead but I’m not gone.


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6 Responses to 100 word story -The Catwalk

  1. Beth says:

    Love the creepy twist!! So smart and cleverly done, especially with so few words – love it!

  2. Great bit of writing :) #whatimwriting

  3. Love it! Great twist – didn’t see it coming at all! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting. xx

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