How times have changed, getting over heartbreak used to be a drama of discussions with friends, tears and then maybe smash something, but not now.

Now it seems we don’t want to pore over every minute detail of who said what anymore, women no longer want to waste unhelpful emotions or time on something that’s over.

Thousands of women are turning to Hypnotherapy to help them move on from a failed relationship and move forward with their lives. Being able to let go of negative feelings about a break-up is the key to getting over it.

We’ve all had a fair share of heartbreak and I’ve have heard a lot about the use of hypnotherapy, not from the angle of having tried it but from my husband who is an NHS counsellor and uses this among his therapies.

Hypnotherapy has become popular as a tool to break all manner of addictive habits from smoking to over-eating.  Even the NHS recognises it may help with anxiety, emotional eating and pain during childbirth.

The hypnotherapist talks you through relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, visualisations and imagining being in a safe calm place.  When the client is in a relaxed trance like state the hypnotherapist can help that person change their negative subconscious thought patterns.

An hour-long  session will start with a long talk about life, childhood and then the relationship, much like traditional therapy.  Its main advantage over traditional therapies is its claim to be a quick and effective way of tackling the issue that’s troubling you immediately, compared to weeks on the psychologists couch.

As a Counsellor my husband thinks it a very useful therapy and has seen amazing results, and I’m sure he thinks me a prime candidate for it when I’m stressing about  the kids

What do you think, is it something you would try?