I’ve been perusing the estate agents windows, again. I have always loved looking at what’s for sale but recently i’ve found myself looking with different eyes. I’m ready to make the move to downsize and so is the husband but having had a baby at 40 is hampering our plan.

Our now 14 year old boy loves where we live, family houses with a park at the bottom of the street and LOADS OF KIDS!

So am I being unfair?

We want the village down the road, a smaller house (easier to clean) with a cute flowery garden, in the vicinity of the canal. No i’m not 70, but I am ready for something different.

The downside of our present house is the garden, what was a haven for a small boy and friends playing football in a safe environment is now a nightmare of giant teens, battered fences, broken features and headless flowers.

They all congregate at our house, and I love them, but the sound of a football hitting a window at speed can make you jump from your seat, some of these kids play for ‘real’ football  teams and they can kick a fair distance.

So what do we do?

Our boy will start college in two years, the college is closer to where we want to be.  I suppose the fair thing would be to hold out a little longer, hope our windows survive, and just keep an eye on the estate agents window.