As mum of a teen boy clothes shopping isn’t fun, it seems to mostly consist of rummaging in the dark in a store the kids think is cool, although it’s so dark you might not even notice where you are.

So as a treat to me I often buy something for the three little girls in our extended family and finding something different is always fun. Discovering Holly & Beau on twitter was a great find and I immediately took a look at their website, and perfect timing with our sudden stormy summer days. At Holly & Beau they’ve found a way to mix science with clothing and have come up with Raincoat designs that change colour when wet! How much fun is that?


When water splashes onto the designs they burst with colour, eventually returning to their original colour once dry, there will never be a boring rainy day again.


Holly & Beau are also working with the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity in supporting families who have a child with a terminal or life threatening illness. For every pair of Swim shorts or umbrella sold the charity receive a donation.

So if you’re looking for wet weather coats, umbrellas or swim shorts , take a look, your kids will thank you for it.