Community Radio

Does your local community have its own Radio station?

I recently went to see a studio and learn more about the station, which is a non-profit organisation run and supported entirely by Volunteers and donations.

HCR 92.3, as it is known in Radio world, is totally about it’s presenters and the community, with shows covering a wide range of chat, musical tastes and genres.

The presenters are from all walks of life, all ages, and with no previous experience. Training given for a role at the station builds confidence, communication skills and encourages teamwork.

Community stations fill the gap between national and commercial, and reflects the needs and interests of its audience, including a  mixture of news and information programmes encouraging conversation and discussion about the area and what affects the local  community.

The show I sat in on was The Voluntary Sector, two hours of news and information about local groups, what’s going on and who needs help. A mix of music, information and chatty phone interviews with local charities and support groups all spreading the word of how they can be of help. It was an amazing experience and after thinking I wouldn’t actually join in I too added my comments, it’s definitely something I would do again.

Matt from HCR explains, most people who are interested say ‘ I don’t know if  I can do it” but we always say give it a go.

There are lots of ways to get involved:

Anyone over 18 can train to be a presenter, this station would like to include more females, and a foreign language programme would be very welcome.

A suggestion from independent regulator Ofcom about children’s programming has led to an idea of recording people reading their favourite children’s  story which will then be broadcast.

If you would like to share your views and interests with the community and get involved in your local radio station, have a look online and maybe you could record your favourite children’s story.

I’ve already been back to sit in as a producer, and have an idea for a show.                        Would you try it?

You can find community station information here.