Wow, this weeks Arthritis cure is….

WOW!  This weeks cure for Arthritis is a molecule from a Parasitic worm!

It seems to me every time I put the news on there is another announcement of a potential Arthritis cure, after 30 years of coping with this condition I now take absolutely no notice.

After my initial diagnosis at 23 I was given the wonder drug of the time, which nearly killed me.

What I have learnt over the years is every drug acts differently on each person, what works for you may not work on me, hence my extreme side effect of weight loss and fatigue leading to fainting spells at 6 1/2 stone. Denied as a side effect by doctors, but appetite & weight started to build a week after stopping the medication.

Now older and wiser I make my own choices and decisions, I have a lot of damage to joints but I feel well, I don’t dwell on my condition and tailor my life according to how I feel.

I do feel sad that my son didn’t know me when I could run around, but he’s known no different and he doesn’t seem to have suffered.

Well, except when he was 3 and got his foot stuck at the top of the soft play construction & I had to ask someone to go up and free him.

So I’ll continue to watch the news, listen with interest, but definitely will not be interested in signing up.

Around 10 million people in the uk are affected,  Do you know anyone with Arthritis?


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  • Can I ask what the medication was that you were initially on? I don’t recall being offered anything other than pain relief when i was first diagnosed and have ended up with joint damage. My daughter on the other hand was treated early on with Methotrexate at age 2 and so far it seems to be working. I’m finding it frustrating to be having flare ups again and am on a quest to find out what other medication options there are. x

    • Hi, sorry to hear you’re having flare ups. My first drug was called Penicillamine, I have met some ladies at Wrightington Hospital who were very well on it. I think all the drugs work differently on everyone. Methotrexate was my best one. My friend is currently on an injection she receives once a month I think, would you like me to find out what it is?