Use your skills to be a work at home Mum


Every day I dream up jobs I could do from home, ideas flit from making shabby chic key hooks to writing personalised poems and everything in-between. But trying to turn a passion or hobby into a paying business isn’t easy, and besides, is there anything left that hasn’t already been done?

When I realised  ‘work at home Mum’ Funky Carrot and her thriving business was local to me I had to go and find out her secret.

Funky Carrot sells retro and vintage clothes on eBay enabling her to be at home with the children and still earn a wage. PERFECT!


Going back to work after the birth of her second child was really tough. Not only did she want to be at home with the tots, she had lost interest in her once loved job and no longer felt like she fitted in.

Meanwhile her mind was whirring trying to think of possible job options while she trudged back and forth to work.


One evening whilst scouring eBay for new clothing bargains for the family, her husband suggested as an expert buyer, maybe she could be a seller, and the seed was sown.

Working three mornings and three evenings per week, specialising in vintage and retro clothes Funky Carrot now turns over enough stock to equal her previous wage. From coveted Converse to iconic 501’s  she posts all over the world, working with the post office to suit them both, as her parcels now total over 100 kg per month.

Each item is photographed and given a full description, highlighting different aspects  including quality of garment, this has earned her a good reputation which is essential for selling online.


These are dresses I’ve bought !


Besides the dresses, Converse and denim, including denim jackets that seem to be constantly flying off to Russia, another best seller is knitwear. At this time of year there couldn’t be a  better place to find your christmas jumper…..


                              …..they’re just fab!

So if you’re trying to find a way to work at home look at your everyday routine and there may be something there you can transform.

And the next time you spot someone wearing something vintage or retro don’t presume they’ve had it for years, they may just be dressed by Funky Carrot, find her on twitter.

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  • This is fab. I completely get the feeling of having lost the love what I did before…I just don’t know what I want to do now.

  • I love hearing stories of people turning their passions and hobbies into something that pays a wage whilst working from home. I do agree that us mums (and dads) have all the skills to work from home. Its not easy returning to work after having children. I became a SAHM for 7 years after having my 2nd, but still wanted my brain to tick over. I sold Usborne Books for a few years, and loved the business side of things. Wishing Funky Carrot lots of luck in the future x