The Great Eggscape

On wednesday of last week my husband was late for work, not much of a news story I admit but the 4000 chickens running around the Motorway definitely made the local Headlines,

At 4am a lorry carrying over 5000 chickens crashed into the verge of the M62 near Warrington, causing the animals to spill out over the carriageway. Talk about chicken run, it must have been mayhem at such an early hour, and quite scary if suddenly appearing before you as you sped down the motorway.  Luckily no humans were injured in the accident.

With the traffic brought to a halt, the noise brought out local residents who tried to rescue as many of the battery hens as possible.

One local resident said “We started picking them up and putting them in our field and then other people started coming to help. “It was the craziest day I have ever known.”

The 6 hour road closure caused absolute chaos for commuters but the incident didn’t make national news until animal rights group PETA made a statement,

“they hoped a memorial could be erected for the estimated 1,500 birds killed in the crash to remind drivers chickens are ‘not just body parts to pick out of buckets’.

This suggestion went viral reaching the BBCR2 airwaves and was even debated on The Jeremy Kyle Vine show.

On hearing this the local paper held a quick online vote regarding the PETA suggestion for a roadside memorial.

23%        yes, it’s a great idea.
9%          not sure it would make a difference
68%       there are better ways to spend money

I agree with the 68% but what do you think?


Ps. The rescued chickens were all re-homed &  living in freedom.

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