Teens, treats and Tv snacks.

As any Mum of a Teen boy will tell you, teens eat all the time, anything and everything,  ALL THE TIME!

I know having a good appetite and mixed diet is essential as teens need lots of energy and nutrients for growth,  but continually providing a mixture of snacks is a headache.

Our Friday nights are usually the time for extra snacks and treats, our 26yo comes round and the menfolk of our house usually watch a movie or TV programme that has them in stitches, and me wondering ‘what’s so funny’.

Anyway, this week I gave them something different, Nibnibs and they went down a storm. The mini cheese straws selection are really crunchy and tasty, I sneaked some away to eat while watching a catch up of Downton, those boys don’t appreciate such Tv.

nibnibs treats

I thought my presentation looked delicious, but they ignored the dips and finished off the    Mini Nibs.

We were sent the Mini Nibs to try and I would definitely buy them, anything that can keep my gang happy is fine by me.

 Nibnibs treats

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