Stress number 8, there’s no toilet roll!


I have just been reading a survey organised by Direct Line: Top 10 everyday incidents that cause the most stress.

Not surprisingly half of the 2000 people asked said,  ‘not being able to sleep’ was their biggest worry, putting it at the top of the list.

Here’s the stress list, do you agree?

1. Not being able to sleep (46 per cent)

2. Losing your keys (37 per cent)

3. Being stuck in traffic when already late (35 per cent)

4. Losing an important paper or document (33 per cent)

5. Nowhere to park (32 per cent)

6. Printer not working when you need to print something (31 per cent)

7. Running out of battery on your phone whilst out (31 per cent)

8. Discovering you are out of toilet roll whilst on the loo (30 per cent)

9. Dealing with machine operated customer service (26 per cent)

10. Forgetting your bank card when paying for an item (25 per cent)

As you can see they’re all first world problems, number 8 made me laugh but I would have put number 5 ‘Nowhere to park’ as my top.

What would be yours?

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