Saturday 6 – My top parenting articles from the news this week.


Here is another selection of family news articles for parents from the past week.

Mental health spending cuts.
After labour asked the government for Mental Health spending figures they discovered a £50million cut in spending, accusing the government of breaking its promise to make mental health a priority. Is this why in November a 16-year-old girl from Devon spent two nights in a police cell as no psychiatric bed was available.


What’s the point in School league tables.
Contrary to popular belief not all parents check school league tables when choosing a school. If you ever read this about our experience you will understand why my opinion is I don’t think you should either.


Did you explain the Charlie Hebdo attack to your children?                                                    Bad news is unavoidable so is there any point in trying to shield our children, it’s probably more important to give honest age-appropriate answers from adults they trust. Sally Peck explains how.


A heartbreaking letter from the parent of a child living with bullying, a child who is starting to believe life is cruel not fun.


A new perspective on teenage Mothers.                                                                                          As a woman who became a mother at the age of 40 I often wonder how life would have been if I had been 20. Next week a photographic project about teenage mothers gets an airing in the House of Commons. Creator Jendella Benson hopes it will prompt MP’s to question their prejudices and preconceptions.


Another list for parents, happy habits!                                                                                            As part of positive parenting do you have ‘happy habits’ in your family? Are yours on this list, or like me are you grabbing the Gin as you head into another ‘mum fail’ moment.

Do you have any opinions on these articles?  Let me know what you think, I’m always interested to hear your views.



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