Plant the seed, to read.


I’ve read books about Spot the dog, and pop up books and rhymes

and feel i’ve read the Gruffalo about a million times

Biff & Chip and Kipper are imprinted in my brains

Though I think child services should ask about those names

I was prepared to read The Twits, but son had other ideas

He said ‘I don’t like Roald Dahl books’ as it strangely disappears

Then we had the Astrosaurs and Captain Underpants

So any of the classics just didn’t stand a chance

But now he is a teenager and I can safely say

He ‘likes the books that he likes’ and reads them everyday

He was never into Vampires or Harry Potter you see

It seems he likes biographies which is the opposite to me

So once your efforts have paid off, and it’s up to them

You’ve planted the love of reading, but his next book’s EMINEM!


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6 Responses to Plant the seed, to read.

  1. Awesome. I particularly like the ending, it makes me think about BP and how he’s growing so fast. #Prose4T

  2. craftsonsea says:

    Love it! We went through a phase where I could recite The Gruffalo word for word. Nearly killed me ;)

  3. Tam Rogers says:

    Great stuff :) Although I’d miss the Roald Dahls :)

  4. You clever, clever lady. This is fantastic! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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