Midwife mishaps and miracles

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When I went into the maternity hospital in 2000 I wasn’t particularly worried,  how things can change in a matter of hours.

Originally my consultant had agreed caesarean would be best due to my Arthritis but some Midwife decided she knew better. It’s a long story but I can still hear a shrill scream and find it hard to believe it was from me.

Eventually I had the caesarean with general anaesthetic, everything was last minute, it was now an emergency despite being in the hospital 12 hours.

My husband said I was rushed one way, our baby boy another on his way to Special Baby Care. I remember the Anaesthetists coming to see how I was, I thought that was routine only  learning later they had trouble inserting the breathing tubes.

Luckily, and I believe it was luck, we both recovered from the ordeal and my son thrived.

Those first days in the hospital were a struggle for me, I didn’t see my baby until he was 3 days old, my husband (a counsellor) believes I had PTSD after the birth.

We’re 16 years on now and except for monthly check-ups in the first 12 months of his life my son has been fine, which is a miracle.

My husband works in bereavement care and we know what happened to us has happened to others, and some have had the devastating outcome of losing their child.

I often thought of going back and asking questions, there are points throughout the day where I believe errors were made but luckily we had a happy outcome, but what about those who didn’t.

Today it’s more common to find help to support you when asking the questions I didn’t ask, especially at a time when you can’t think straight but you believe there was failure or neglect in your care.

If you think there was neglect then there may be additional support you can get. Specialist companies like First4SeriousInjury can help you understand whether you are eligible for compensation and support you through the process, compensation can be an important part of getting your life back on track especially in cases where you or your child may have been left with serious health complications.

My son had Meconium Aspiration and although the quick transfer to SCBU and a ventilator meant he had no permanent issues I won’t forget that in our circumstances it was an error of judgement by one Midwife that led us to this situation.


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  • I am sat here reading this post and by coincidence I was in labour exactly 14 years ago. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you not to see him for 3 days. I didn’t see Morgan for around 3 hours when he was born as he too was whisked away to SCBU. I am also wondering whether he had the same thing as your son, as he swallowed his meconium when he was born. He was in SCBU for 3 days. Glad it was a happy outcome for you both x

  • That must have been so scary for you. I imagine having a baby is hard enough as it is without someone else making mistakes.

    As you know from my latest blog post I ended up taking legal action because of mistakes doctors and health visitors made during the first few months of my life. Taking legal action isn’t nice but sometimes it’s necessary.

  • I’ve had my fair share of hairy births so what you say about asking questions and needing support really rings true with me. It’s very difficult to justify when you’ve had a happy outcome but sometimes I do wonder if I should have persevered a bit. So glad your boy thrived regardless! xx

  • I too had complications with my first son which i beleive were because of my arthritis (all along midwife said won’t need my legs in stirrups which is what i was concerned about as my hips don’t have that level of mobility) and there i was in labour being told i had to put my feet in stirrups which i physically could not do with my left leg. In the end it became an emergency and one of the midwifes had to hold that leg. Then ended up having to have a spinal AFTER the birth for being stitched up because of my hip/arthritis despite having gone through the whole birth without pain relief. Thankfully all ok in the end but like you i had a lot of questions afterwards. thanks for your comment on my blogpost about Miss T’s JIA update. I’ve not found many UK bloggers with RA / JIA so it is great to find you. x

    • Rebecca I am glad to hear all was well for you in the end, it was a very frightening time for both of us then. If you ever need someone to talk to about arthritis you are welcome to message me anytime. x