Get the most from your work storage space.

Our garage is an absolute tip, from firewood storage to a broken treadmill and a thousand bits and pieces in-between, so this summer we’re on a mission to clear it out.

It hasn’t always been like this, it was quite clear with a bit of shelving, ok maybe not exactly clear but it was definitely neat and orderly. In fact we started our business in the garage

6 months later we moved into a warehouse unit. We knew we  needed  to get the most from the warehouse space as square footage is expensive so you need to plan your space wisely.

The space seemed huge, but once we started moving in boxes we knew it would soon become a hazard without proper shelving and storage.

We got some advice and invested in a fork lift truck so we could use the height of the unit, this was invaluable as the floorspace would have quickly disappeared.

There are ways to get the most from your space.

Pallet Racking

Goods in are frequently delivered on pallets these days and they can go straight into storage on their racks, with the right equipment. With racking, pallets can be stored one on top of the next, rather than all on the floor, taking up valuable space.

Mezzanine floors

Are a perfect solution for any business and can be one of the most effective ways to increase, or even double, your available floor space.

If you have a business and need expert advice Warehouse Storage Solutions use the most up to date CAD technology to ensure exact drawings and designs to show the full potential of your storage capacity.

So plan wisely and get the best from your storage.


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