Teen, Get your head out of the fridge!

At least 10 times a day I see this….


My teen with his head in the fridge!

No matter what meals he’s had, there he is back in the fridge, looking for snacks.

Everyone knows teen boys are constantly eating, and having a variety of choice is essential to get a healthy mix.  One thing our teen does love is cheese, in fact there is always cheese in the fridge, and at the minute, thanks to MU cheese we have a fair stash.

His favourite snack of the moment is pizza bagel



A toasted bagel, a spread of ketchup and slices of cheese. MU discs are excellent for this due to their shape and thickness, but you have to be fast in this house to get a photo.

Pizza bagel is also great for school lunch as it’s delicious cold.

With a mixture of fruit, and the meat and veg we force-feed him he eats, his long lean frame seems to be growing well and being a keen footballer he uses up a lot of energy.

So thanks again MU for our selection, it went down a storm, and we’ll definitely be buying the discs again.

MU Collage


(We were kindly sent MU cheese to try, but all opinions are my own.)






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