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How do you feel about your phone?

I love my old iPhone, there i’ve said it, something I never thought I would be interested in I now feel I would cry if it broke.

Whatever brand, our phones have evolved into mini computers, they’re sources of information, calendars, reminders, social media access, cameras and photo albums, in fact I never actually make a call on my iPhone.

All the time on twitter I see pleas for HELP: emails aren’t working, screens gone blank or the usual ‘I’ve dropped my Phone down the toilet’,  all in a panic looking for someone to solve their problem.     There are a couple of people who can come to the rescue and i’ve found them very reliable in their advice.

If it’s a windows based device @techiefairy is the one to call, her calm no-nonsense advice can talk you through your problem and if she can’t help through twitter there’s always her Techie Fairy website for repairs, information, advice and articles too.

But what if you’re not on Windows? maybe your Safari has gone wild, your macbook screen is locked or again YOU DROPPED YOUR IPHONE DOWN THE TOILET!

Well by far the greatest help i’ve come across is @TheMacFixer patience is definitely their virtue, absolute step by step advice is dispensed daily even to people like me who can’t work the bloomin’ thing.

Not only will they talk you through a technical fault they actually physically do repairs at their base in Hampshire, and if you’re not in the locality they have advice on how to send your item through the post.

All the information is available on their website  and with this as a mission statement

Our service is all about good, honest support and happy customers.

What have you got to lose.

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    • June 25, 2014 / 14:08

      They’re great on twitter if you have any tech problems.

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