Blogging & Twitter, the modern word of mouth.

This morning I was wondering wether to unfollow a company on Twitter.

Although I like their products  they have an unclear ordering system on their website,  I have asked questions regarding this which have not been answered, so what is the point of following them?

It makes me wonder wether businesses realise the power of twitter and blogging as a marketing tool and an access to customers.

I don’t believe social media interactions will make someone buy something they weren’t thinking about, but if you know me on twitter and  being the Liverpool girl I am, I can’t help  butting in answering a tweet and sharing information I have read on blogs and twitter.

For example, this review by Actually Mummy about their family skiing holiday.  Now, I’ve never been interested in skiing myself  but I really enjoyed reading this, so if someone was asking  about skiing I would refer them to this post, which might help make a decision.

It helps me too, during twitters #crafthour  yesterday I had a lovely chat with a knitter who makes fabulous fun knitted hats,  Mad Hatter  answered my questions, chatted about her work and made me feel happy to purchase a hat from her, I just need to decide between these before winter arrives.

Hats Collage made by

For me a blog post or link from a tweet is a source of information that I am spreading around,  just like word of mouth,  but far wider than even my big scouse gob could cover.



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